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San Francisco Bay Sunset

November 26th, 2014 by Neil Corman

San Francisco Bay Sunset

Once again on this evening I headed out along the San Francisco Bay near sunset. This time I was at the other end of Alameda on Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach and as the tide was heading down I was able to walk along the water near some rocks. Looking for a rocks to capture in my image as I looked out towards the bay I came across these two which lined up looking out in the Bay. This was a nice place to come across at the end of Day 26 of Thirty Days 2014.

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California Sunset

November 25th, 2014 by Neil Corman

California Sunset in San Francisco Bay Area

On Day 25 of Thirty Days 2014, I headed out for a little while and experienced a nice sunset on Bay Farm Island in Alameda, California today during a pleasant November day.   This is an area I have visited before and have also enjoyed photographing the trees and the shapes they have become due to the wind along San Francisco Bay.  With the nice day there were plenty of people out jogging and riding their bikes for fun as well as to/from work, with one who happened to pass by as I framed this shot for today.

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November 24th, 2014 by Neil Corman

pre-teen girl doing homework

On Day 24 of Thirty Days 2014, I was reminded of the multiplication and division of decimals.  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my niece as she worked on some homework during the long Thanksgiving break. With the answer of a quick question she was on the way with her five pages of homework which was completed with ease by her, letting us go and explore the area little in the afternoon.

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Green Plant

November 23rd, 2014 by Neil Corman


Green Plant in Alameda

Just as quickly I was in Denver, I found myself back on a plane this week.  After breakfast I headed out on a walk with my mom and niece.  As we walked along a lagoon in Alameda I noticed this plant with nice textured lines. With my camera in hand on the walk, I captured the pattern and colors on a pleasant November afternoon in the Bay Area for Day 23 of Thirty Days 2014.

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Mile High City Marker at the State Capitol

November 22nd, 2014 by Neil Corman

Mile High - Denver, Colorado

Day 22 of Thirty Days 2014 brought me back to Denver, Colorado after being out of town for nearly two weeks. On the east steps of the Colorado State Capitol is a marker indicating the location of one mile above sea level in the Mile High City. As I walked past for some reason I noticed the marker and the imprint in the steps on this day. I have walked past this location hundreds of times and even photographed the location but this was something new for me. Working with a larger depth of field as I wanted both of the indicators readable, I positioned myself on the steps in a way to get them into the image for today.

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Leaving Juneau

November 21st, 2014 by Neil Corman

Juneau Pier towards Douglas

Day 21 of Thirty Days 2014 was my final day in Juneau this month. I took a quick walk along the harbor and Gastineau Channel this morning prior to flying out. I mentioned yesterday how it had been quite foggy during the week but today that clouds did lift a little and even a sucker hole or two appeared. The harbor is an integral part of Juneau as during the summer months thousands of people arrive daily to visit the city from the various cruise ships which stop here. This image is looking at one of the transitions from the harbor to downtown and then onward to Douglas Island on a quiet November day in Juneau.

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Road to Eaglecrest

November 20th, 2014 by Neil Corman

Road to Eaglecrest in Juneau

With the fog thick in downtown Juneau I decided to drive a little bit on Day 20 of Thirty Days 2014.  Eaglecrest Ski Area is about twenty minutes from downtown Juneau where I decided to head during the day. As I started on the road up the mountain, I noticed stretches of straight road as we left the fog.  Near the crossing of Fish Creek I pulled the car over and captured this image where you could almost see blue sky which was a nice change after a few days in the fog.  The ski resort is not yet open, but will do so in a few weeks for the season bringing more traffic to the road then what I saw on this day.

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Tree in the Fog

November 19th, 2014 by Neil Corman

Tree in the Fog in Juneau

On Day 19 of Thirty Days 2014, it was a foggy day in Juneau. After a week of clear skies the rain has returned for most of the week. When the clouds roll in it does become interesting looking at the mountains around town. When I was looking towards the Mount Roberts tram on this day the lines of trees were showing for a little while in the fog allowing me to capture this image, however just a few minutes later the fog got thicker and this tree not far way disappeared from my view.

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November 18th, 2014 by Neil Corman

Moss on Stairs in Juneau

Day 18 of Thirty Days 2014 had me walking through Juneau when I noticed a set of stairs with moss on them. I had walked past this location before but never really noticed the stairway at this location. I went low to capture the moss at the bottom and then let the rest of the stairs drop out of focus. The moss to me was a reminder that Juneau is in a rainforest, even if it is not what you normally think of as one.

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Under the Pier

November 17th, 2014 by Neil Corman

Under the Pier in Juneau

It’s back to clouds and some rain in Juneau. On Day 17 of Thirty Days 2014 I headed back downtown and noticed the view of the pilings under the pier. Using a long lens I isolated a subset of pilings and worked to catch the reflection in Gastineau Channel. The tide was at a normal level allowing some of the growth to show just above the water level at this time today.

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