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Along the Journey… (February 2010)

March 26th, 2010 by Neil Corman

During the month of February, these were the top iPhone pictures as indicated by your on Facebook and Twitter.

Shadow on the Ground

Walking down the sidewalk from the library to drop off some books, I noticed the morning light creating a nice shadow from the angled light.  Overlapping the gaps in the sidewalk it more for the image above.

Car Door Handle

On a cold morning a light frost gathered on some cars, and as I took out the garbage I noticed the frost on an old car across the way.  Playing with the angle, I wanted to capture part of the car but also the element of frost to help tell the story of the object.  It took a few times to get the angle I was look for, but the result was the whole car handle and just enough of the car and frost.

Inside a Light Bulb

On the windows at gallery nrc there are a set of cafe lights.  While playing with the phone, I was able to change the exposure and through the clear bulb have the camera meter on the filament which was generating the light.  The result was the hot light of the power being generated from the small bulb.

Check back in April for the top images from March.  You may view these images as they are posted on Twitter or our Facebook Fan Page.  Your comments and retweets help pick the top images for the month.

  • http://www.lizamyers.com liza myers

    These are lovely. It’s fun that it takes a moment to identify them. The compositions are quite powerful

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