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Winter Morning in City Park Holiday Card
Winter Morning in City Park Holiday Card
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Winter Morning in City Park Denver

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Snow has not been plentiful during the winter 2012/13. When it finally snowed in Denver I grabbed my camera and headed out into the elements. This was the largest amount of snowfall which fell from one storm this season making for much excitement to finally receive a good snowfall in the metro area. While I have some photographs of Washington Park and Sloans Lake in the snow, City Park is a park I have tried to capture in the past. Walking back to the area my car was parked I noticed the curve of the lake and trees in the elements which I thought would be the perfect opportunity to capture a winter scene in City Park to compliment the scenes from the other Denver parks.

The folded card is 5"x7" and the inside of the holiday card has the greeting: Seasons Greetings