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About Neil

I do not recall when my passion for photography started, but one of my earliest memories with a camera is on a family vacation to St. Louis and Springfield, Illinois when I was six. While in Springfield, somehow the family camera was left on the car instead of inside the car. Fortunately, the drive with the camera on the car was from the Capitol building to a gas station a few blocks away where this mistake was quickly discovered with the camera still in one piece. At the age of eight I received my first camera, a Kodak Tele-Ektra 1. This 110 film camera with its telephoto option and a light bar for flash was the start of photography for me. A simple camera now allowed me to take my own pictures and share with others the world I saw through my young eyes. At the time, this camera was the greatest thing for an eight year old. As the years progressed, I moved forward to other cameras and received my first 35mm SLR as a junior high graduation present. I used this camera for close to twenty years.

The world I see now is very different than what an eight year old living outside of Chicago experienced. However, the enjoyment of taking a picture and being able to tell a story with a single click has not changed at all. During my travels with family, as a software implementation consultant and on my own, I have found there are many stories wherever we go. With so many ways to tell a story, a picture not only communicates what I see, but allows viewers to interpret the scene in their own way. This enables many perspectives to come from a single image and leads to new meaning for the image as well.

Working as a software implementation consultant, since my graduation from the University of Arizona, I decided it was time to make a change in my life and follow my passion. While I have been photographing for many years, my professional training includes the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Summer and Digital Intensive programs. These programs taught by a talented group of instructors with a diverse background in the industry who have studied under many great photographers themselves, including Ansel Adams, Annie Leibowitz and Mary Ellen Mark.

This training, as well as professional experience, allows me to refine my craft and tell the stories of the people, places and things I experience throughout the course of life. It also provides me knowledge and experience to share my photographic vision in making your next project exciting and successful.

Neil Corman: Artist Resume