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Alamo Placita Park

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In November of 2008 I headed to a park I have passed many times while traveling on Speer Blvd but never realized what it consisted of as I sped on past the park. Alamo Placita Park is one of those parks which people have seen, but never have stopped more so as it is a small neighborhood park. Even the City and County of Denver website has limited information about the park itself. Walking around the park the image I wanted to walk away with was easily the tie in to Speer and the limited knowledge of the park. As it was near sunset I first thought about the lights of cars passing by the park, but seeing this set of stairs leading into the park this was a good place to start with the traffic taking the background. At first I was going to leave this as a color image, but once the sun set the color of the stone was changed with the various color temperatures of the nearby lights so I converted it to a black and white image which I feel helps tell the story of the lesser known park as well.