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Bamboo Mounted Prints

$ 60.00

Vertical: 8" x 10"
Vertical: 8" x 12"
Vertical: 4" x 6"
Vertical: 5" x 7"
Vertical: 5" x 7" Extra Thick
Square: 5" x 5"
Horizontal: 8" x 12"
Horizontal: 4" x 6"
Horizontal: 5" x 7"

Images are mounted on a piece of 3/4″ bamboo which is then able to be hung on the wall with a keyhole cutout on the back of the mount. Any image in the catalog can be mounted on the bamboo piece. The mounting is offered in various sizes which will depend on the image. The small pieces work well on a desk, or in a collage of images on the wall.


Ordering Instructions

  1. Reserve a size for the bamboo mount.
  2. Place the order to reserve the bamboo blank.
  3. Neil will be contact to find out which print you would like on the bamboo mount, or is happy to work with you to pick the perfect print.

Note: Prices have been lowered for the remaining bamboo blanks which are in stock.