Start of a New Day at Haleakala

On a recent trip to Maui, I made the trek up Haleakala for sunrise at 10,000 feet.  There was a caravan of cars up the mountain in the early morning hours of my first morning in Hawaii.  Using the time difference to my advantage, I went early in my trip as my body was still three hours ahead.  Once getting to the top it was a little bit brisk with a constant wind as well, there is not a place to be wearing shorts and flip flops as you wait for the sun to rise.  I picked out a location up a little path and set up my tripod starting to photography the stars as I waited for the sun to rise.  The image for today is a pre-dawn shot and with a longer shutter speed was able to capture some of the movement of the clouds just below me.  Once the sun rose it was time for a little exploring prior heading back to Kannapali and some time at the pool.

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