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Thirty Days Project: A Look at Five Years (PDF Version)

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About the Book:

"The Thirty Days Project originally started in 2007 after returning from five months in Missoula, Montana. At this time I found myself not using my camera and challenged myself to photograph every day during the month of November posting an image to my blog from each day. In 2008, I decided to add another dimension to the process and bring the readers of the blog as well as fans on Facebook into the project and have them vote for their favorite three images during the month of December. The result of this voting was overwhelming and also brought a new perspective to me as my favorite images were not always those receiving the most votes.

One question I always get with the project is "Why November?". During this month, the leaves have almost all fallen in the Denver area and there is not that much snowfall in the city at that time. Yes, November can be challenging and is a month of weather transition in the city, but that is part of the fun of the project in dealing with the elements presented to you each day and finding something to photograph which you are proud to post to the blog each day.

In the past five years I have explored many places around Denver and the western United States as part of this project, and have also noticed changes to my style during this time as well. Each year as November approaches I look forward to the project, the challenges of weather or time and the results created during the Thirty Days Project."

70 Pages, PDF.

Note: When viewing the PDF it is best to view in magazine spread in your PDF program.