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Washington Park - Denver

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Set of 8 Cards
Set of 25 Cards

Snowy May Day

Along the Front Range it is not uncommon to get a late season snowfall and as I watched the snow fall from my office window on May 1st I grabbed my camera and headed towards the park. My initial plan was to photograph at the south end of Washington Park, but as I passed by the lake and noticed the steam rising the plan quickly changed. I photographed around the lake and after almost completing a loop found this tree. By this time the snow had started to turn to rain letting the grass of spring show through the wet snow.


Winter in Washington Park

In early January 2009 snow fell overnight leaving a nice winter scene. Seeing the snow start to fall on Saturday evening, I planned to wake up early to get out to Washington Park prior to sunrise and see how it had been transformed. It was quiet in the park and as I headed to a tree which I found almost a year ago a slight chill was present but the beauty of the snow covered surroundings quickly made it go away. I photographed this tree once again from the original position and prior to heading elsewhere in the park I decided to try a different view of the tree from what I had photographed before providing the image Winter in Washington Park.


The folded card is 4"x5.5" and the inside of the card is blank.